Irregularity Handling Procedure

NewGen Airways will give passengers’ support and assistance in the event of strike related flight irregularities.

In the event of tarmac delay: cabin crew will inform passenger after receiving information about delay reason and estimate time of delay from pilot in command. This situation might cause by airport congestion, military activities or air traffic control. Airline representative has to inform destination about delay information and prepare readiness for further situation if disembark needed when delay exceed 3 hours.

In the event of a large area flight delay: local representative has to inform the delay reason to passenger and airport authorities. The estimate time departure announcement is depend on situation or pilot in command’s decision. Service providing for passenger during delay is based on length of delay as details below;

Ground Handling Procedure during Flight Disruption: During flight disruption by technical reason or flight cancellation, the handling company will use handling procedure to arrange accommodation, meals for the passengers accordingly;

Passenger Welfare during Delays: During Welfare services: Vouchers are held by the Handling Agent.

  • 0-2 Hrs. : No Compensate
  • 2-4 Hrs. : Refreshment. (Snacks Box/Snacks Voucher)
  • 4-6 Hrs. : Meal (Meal Box/Meal Voucher)
  • 6+ Hrs. : Hotel Accommodation with meal and 03 Minutes oversea call (up to request)
Handling agents must not publish or pass information unless the company has agreed it. All delay information will be issued officially by carrier either electronic letter or email.

Company’s policy: Passengers who are affected can travel to their destinations as quick as possible. The company offers the following guidelines.

  1. 1. Revised schedule

    Adjust flight schedules, including the cancellation of some flights and / or change aircraft in order to allow passengers to travel to a destination as soon as possible with minimal impact

  2. 2. Transfer to passengers’ destination

    Airlines may arrange further transportation for passengers. The period of time for delay may affect passengers, both physically and mentally, the company has taken measures to take care of passengers clearly accordingly. In some cases, passengers have additional costs such as travel by public transport or travel to the accommodation provided by the airline. The airline will consider compensation case by case. The process for irregularity flight is mentioned in GOM (Ground Operation Manuals section 8 Page 24-25 Article 8.16 (a)

Contact information for feedback and complaint

Call : +86 755-88888877
Email :,
In order that if passengers wish to refund tickets, please contact their tour company directly and this will be considered as appropriate.